Our enemy has the will to destroy us, but lacks the means. We have the means to destroy our enemy, but lack the will. It is a race to see who gets what first.            -- Benjamin Netanyahu
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Girls with guns - Run Omar
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"Airman Vanessa Dobos of the 58th Training Squadron poses with a Gatling gun at Kirtland Air Force base in New Mexico August 7, 2002 Dobos is to become the first woman aerial gunner in the USAF, with an assignment to a search and rescue Pave Hawk helicopter, when she graduates from technical training in a few weeks, performing a combat duty that was formerly closed to women."
REUTERS/U.S. Air Force photo by Dennis Carlson     ||     Image and text found on a Blog site in Aug. 2002
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How Michael Yon became a witness to this war
How he does it
Of Note:   Bless the Beasts and Children
Update:   Bless the Beasts and Children

Local Copy of Michael Yon's:
 Resistance is futile: You will be (mis)informed  23 Oct. 2007

Also linked from BREITBARTS website:
Michael Yon's dispatches
From the Field -  Jeff Emanuel online
Twas the Night Before The 4th of July (2007)
With links to Pajamas Media and The Peoples Cube
The Subject is Iraq

Talisman Gate
Healing Iraq
The Mesopotamian
Nabil's Blog
American spirit takes root in Iraq  An article about good news in Iraq
          by Kathleen Parker (15 Dec 04)

My top-pick military blogger website is    BLACKFIVE

Military bloggers??   See Rise of the Milblogs   by Hugh Hewitt
"Some of the best sources of information on the war are from the people
actually fighting it--and their blogs."  Hewitt 03/12/2004

...and here are two excellent military blogger websites:
From the  Mudville Gazette.com

>>> MilBlogs.com

>>> History of MilBlogs.com

They have a nice collection of MilBlog
banners too. Here's just one
Milblogging.com    "The World's Largest Index of Military Blogs"
Currently (9 July 2007) they claim 1,756 military blogs in 30 countries
with 3,595 registered members   >>>  More about them HERE
NOTE:  MilBlogs.com is not the same thing as Milblogging.com
Here is a collection of links to some Submariner Blogs
Pronounced: "Sub-mareen-er"
Another gem:
J.D. Pendry, Ret Sgt. Major US Army has an excellent collection of blog-links.
... and his writings are on the mark too.  J.D. Pendry's blog-roll on his website
Here is a "Googled" result for J.D.Pendry        About J.D. Pendry

More outstanding "military related blogs"
(Copy)  14 September 2004 - The day CBS News got 'blogged' down
(Copy)  01 March 2003 - Blog Publishers Stealing Web Limelight - Reuters
(Copy)  30 Dec. 2003 - Freewheeling 'bloggers' rewriting rules of journalism - USA TODAY

Another sample BLOG site - with many more blog links Winds Of Change

... and more:   Michelle Malkin's Monthly Blog Archives
... and more:   Clayton Cramer's Blog       David Harsanyi
... and more:   American Digest
... and more, more more:  Right Wing News (Conservative News and Views)

... and many more: CLICK forLittleGreen Footballs
One of my "top pick" blogs:  http://PowerLineBlog.com
Blogs of War
The Long War Journal
BaseBallCrank.com   -   An interesting mix of politics and baseball
Pajama Hadin   -   Unspun Heroes of the New Media
Pundits Assaying Journalistic And Media Accountability
IOWAHAWK - Informative, sometimes funny and kinda odd in places
LILEKS - Bleating since 1997
Access major well-done conservative political blogs via Hugh Hewitt
From Front Page  see David's Blog
La Shawn Barber's Corner
Radio Blogger
An American Expat in Southeast Asia 

The demise of network news
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Whatza blog?

... Info link -   Bob's Note About Weblogs
... Info link -   Wired News: Blogs Opening Iranian Society?

Copied from a Northern Light search summary:

    Editors are people who separate the wheat from the chaff and publish the chaff. At least that's what some people think.

    The Internet offers a very easy and fast-growing way to eliminate the editor: It's called blogging, and it may be just the thing for you. In addition, some people say that blogs have the potential to change journalism as we know it.

    A blog is a contraction of "web log".

    It is a personal site on the Internet that, unlike a standard Web page, requires absolutely no coding or technical razzmatazz on your part. It lets you post whatever you want for all the world to see, and it lets readers respond just as easily. It is the quickest, easiest and most hassle- free way of publishing your ideas.


If you have been on the internet for longer than 15 minutes you know that everything is connected to everything. So be aware of the fact that some BLOGS may contain "bad words" or pictures or links to sites you don't want to see.

That's not my responsibility... I have provided an entry point here. But who knows where you may wind up as you click from link to link?

Lots of good stuff from the BLOG sites and lots of crap too. I am NOT responsible for where you go in cyberspace.

Happy trails. Keep your feet in the stirrups. It's the internet.

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