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Twas the Night Before the 4th of July

On 4 July 2007 the below was copied from the Pajamas Media

[ Excerpt from Pajama's Media (and link) ]
A People's History: The "Progressive" Version

"On the eve of the celebration of the birth of the United States, Oleg Atbashian looks at our history through the competing lenses of progressivism and progress. Refusing to get bogged down in the merits of relativity, he finds freedom where equality fears to tread."

Early signs of a poor attitude

Just as Pajamas Media publishes this essay that makes fun of Howard Zinn's version of history, a magazine called The Progressive publishes Howard Zinn's Independence Day essay "Put away the flags" that illustrates all the points covered above.

Go to http://www.progressive.org/media_mpzinn070106 to see Howard Zinn do an imitatation of The People's Cube.

(Meanwhile) at the same time, James Taranto in his Best of the Web Today comment(ed) on Howard Zinn's essay --- ending it with these words, "Finally, someone whose patriotism we can question!"

It's funny how it all came together on the night before the Fourth of July.

[ End Pajama Media excerpt ]

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Sid note:  James Taranto's entire Best of the Web commentary archive is linked HERE