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What is an Imperial Preseident?
By Ken Blackwell
An imperial president is one who claims and asserts powers that the Constitution does not confer upon him. Although we take it for granted today, the most revolutionary aspect of our Constitution is that itís a written document. It was the first written Constitution in the history of the world. And the reason itís written down is so that it would be crystal clear to all what the powers of each branch of government are.
A written Constitution is only one of five promises the Constitution makes to the American people to preserve their liberty.
II The Constitution also splits governmental power between the federal government and the states.
III It splits the federal power into the three branches (legislative, executive, and judicial).
IV It sets each branch against the other two through checks and balances.
V And it retains ultimate sovereignty in We the People, by giving us regular elections and empowering us to amend the Constitution when necessary.